Paul Manafort the former chairman of the Trump campaign has been convicted on 8 felony counts and is facing a maximum of 80 years in prison. While I don’t celebrate the incarceration and subsequent dehumanization of anyone, I still have to acknowledge the importance of this event for two reasons.

First: It’s not everyday you hear about someone who is rich and powerful, who has a contact list full of Princes and Oligarchs being charged with serious crimes, let alone convicted and given a lengthy prison sentence. Our society is accustomed to the poor and downtrodden getting locked up, the corner drug dealer, the high school student that got into a fight in the presence of a school officer, the teenager who shoplifted a soda and a pack of gum, not a man who calls several world leaders his personal friend.

Second: It has been widely speculated by former prosecutors and defense attorneys alike that he refused to cooperate with the government because he plans to get a full pardon from the President. Which goes back to the original point; justice is far from blind. Evidence and intention of the prosecution are sometimes no match for privilege, which was the inspiration for this piece “Et tu justice”, meaning that sometimes it’s not an individual on trial, but justice itself.

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