Take a knee and pay attention

Last night I was watching game 7 of the World Series, broadcast from Dodger stadium in Los Angeles. Normally I’m checking social media or texting friends in the minutes leading up to the beginning of a baseball game, but last night caused me to stand up and pay attention...or in this case, kneel and pay attention. Why did I feel this way? Because instead of having the typical celebrity or politician singing that national anthem, they had the glee club from the LAPD singing it.

The extra-overt display of faux patriotism last night was a stark reminder of the complete obliviousness of many people in the United States. When you have people from coast to coast kneeling at the national anthem to protest police brutality, and your response is to reinforce the idea of the police being a class above the rest of us, almost infallible, it serves as a reminder of why so many people feel like there are two different countries. After that I took to my paintbrush and expressed how I was feeling, sometimes art to get the point across a lot better than Words which are contradictory to the National narrative.

#kaepernick #Patriotism

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